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that’s how you make armor for women, no bullshit boob cups.

Just beautiful.


Boob cups must be the most uncomfortable things on earth… What the hell are you supposed to do when one of your boobs slips out? Let’s say you inhale or move your chest somehow so your breasts get free from the cup and end up clipped on the edge?? You can’t even pull them like you can when your bra gets all screwed up! Like who wants to wear that while they’re fighting monsters and shit?

I hit reblog so hard I may have sprained my finger

boob cups could also kill you. If you fall on your chest, all your weight will be on the middle of the boob cups and your sternum could be crushed. bye bye heart.

and the fact that this is the Mulan from “Once Upon a Time” makes it even better


Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere on Tumblr | Above gifset source (x)

Doctor Who has one of the biggest and most highly engaged fandoms on Tumblr, and this weekend they were out in full force again for the 8th season premiere of the show since its reboot; this season featuring a new Doctor, redecorated TARDIS, and the redone show opening seen above, currently the most popular Doctor Who related post on Tumblr. 

From Friday, August 22nd through Sunday, August 24th, 59.5k posts were made about Doctor Who by a community of 796.4k Tumblr users, earning 3.6 million notes. That’s an average of 61 notes per post, putting a single weekend of Doctor Who on par with a month’s worth of posts from the science community

Gifsets were some of the most popular posts made, along with episode recaps and reminders drawn in MS Paint and even a callback to Twelfth Doctor Capaldi’s previous role from The Thick of It.

Gifsets are popular in Tumblr fandom for their ability to replay small moments that lend greater significance to characters and moments in a series that are easy to miss during a show’s initial run. The official Doctor Who Tumblr understands this about their audience and uses a lot of gifsets in their posts. 

Very cleverly done. 


I've got a really good feeling about Hagrid's. I feel it's the place
to be tonight. Do you know what I mean?
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In Arendelle’s fair kingdom a ruler did appear, Born with the secret power so great, alone she stayed in fear. Although the force was hidden, one day she let it go, and all the land was covered in eternal ice and snow." . 


This is beautiful 

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30 Days of Doctor Who
07. A character that you feel the need to defend - Martha Jones

I’ll admit it… I used to be part of the Let’s Hate Martha group. I mean, it was hard not to. After what happened with Rose, you feel like Martha’s trying to replace her… so you hate her.
But Martha is far from a replacement.
As the season goes on, she becomes one of the strongest and most cunning companions of New Who. Yes, she loved the Doctor (I mean, how could you not, especially with Ten), but that didn’t show some kind of dependency. It showed her loyalty and faithfulness to him. Hell, she left the Doctor, even though she loved him and what not, and she did it for herself. A strong, independent woman she was.
And let’s not forget the times she would actually save the Doctor, as well as get them out of some sticky situations.

She is Martha Jones, The Woman Who Walked The Earth.

And she is a BAMF.

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Today’s the day!

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Shout out to Carlos Benavides, the coffee guy for the animators of Disney’s Frozen

You go, Carlos.

fan base for carlos

Carlos rocks

die hard Carlos fan right here

Carlos Benavides is a long time caffeinator for Disney! He provided caffeination for

  1. Meet The Robinsons
  2. Tangled
  3. Whinnie the Pooh
  4. Frozen



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